We have acted since the year 1996 as a small company in Estonia, Harju. 
We have specialized to produce a variety of stainless and ferrous metal accessories for small boats. 
Using the inherent flexibility of a small company, we continually update our equipment to improve the quality and assortment of our products.
Stainless steel we use for several variants of buoy hooks, the prow ladders and hose connections. For touch up we apply electro-polishing
Ferrous metal is mainly used for yachts` and motor boats` cradles and stands. These are made up hot galvanizing
To eliminate rust, stands and supports are provided with a trapeze-type height setting ability, the threads of which are
For boat servicing facilities we produce special tools – trailers with hydraulic height setting, equipped with specially adapted stands.
These are a great help for launch and lifting the yachts and boats.
In addition, we produce light shelters on wheels, useful to protect boats and staff from rain during rush works.
Until now we have distributed our products mainly in the Finnish retail chains, and directly to yachts` and boats. 

In 2012, X-Cradle™ (Werfest OÜ) was awarded a public procurement contract from the Government of Ireland.

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